Starting up a business – company registration, etc.

You will agree that starting a business is a delicate issue. We can offer assistance free of charge with legal and accounting advice, with everything related to the company registration, the opening of commercial outlets, obtaining of licenses, etc. If you are laying the foundations of your business now, please...

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Legal services

The legal framework determines the opportunities and limitations before your business. We can deliver an in-depth and highly professional examination of your case, which rules out any one-way or incompetent solution. We provide the following specialized legal advice and services: 1. In the commercial law area: Initial steps in starting...

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Accounting supervision

You are sufficiently gifted to know that it is next to impossible for a person to supervise his/ her own business. It is by far easier and faster for an external expert to establish the problem zones and to make a proposal how to optimize the processes. V and M...

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Accountant in your office

You probably believe that it is most convenient to have an accountant at your office. The accountant will take care of the book-keeping and will always be at your side. Only that you will have to recruit personnel, to deliver training, to look for an adequate replacement, etc. You may...

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