Recruitment of accounting personnel

Recruitment of accounting personnel

Who is better placed to understand what knowledge and skills an accountant is expected to have than … a sufficiently experienced accountant and accounts manager?

You expect professionalism from your employees, don’t you? We have been in the accounting services sphere for 10 years and as managers we have had to recruit, assess, manage and motivate accounting personnel. Just like you.

We guarantee that we know how to assess the professional skills of an accountant, because we are accountants.

Recruiting suitable accounting personnel may turn out to be a great challenge. On the other hand this is important for you, because a high professional will save you money, time and cost on training. Such an applicant will be more accurate, will assist and interact with the team more effectively and the overall results of your company will improve. We provide professional tests for the applicants to your accounting department and we can assist you in short-listing the applicants who will undergo a further selection process.

Certainly it’s not only the professional skills that make an applicant suitable to work for your company. The personal profile of the accounting applicant is also important. Without being psychologists and having been through a lot of training and gained extensive experience, we can assure you that you will be more than happy to find what valuable information we can provide to you in respect of the personal profiles of the applicants and whether they are suitable to be appointed as accounting personnel in your company. At this stage you receive a much higher degree of certainty that an applicant is not only a good professional but has the potential to work for your company. Anyway, you do not want to be looking for a replacement in several months, do you?

To obtain best value combine the accounting personnel recruitment service with the Accounting supervision service. Thus you will have no doubts as to the professionalism of your accounting personnel and the effectiveness of the overall accounting policy and accounts organisation.

If you find the accounting personnel recruitment procedure tedious, there is another option for you – hiring directly an employee from our company – at hourly rates or as a full time employee. You can find more details here: Accountant in your office.

Trust our long standing experience as accountants and managers of accounting personnel. Leave it to us to assess whether or not the applicants are good at accounting, while you can focus on the development of your business.

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