Payroll Services (employment and salaries/ personnel)

Payroll Services (employment and salaries/ personnel)

The professional payroll services are a very specific line of activity. We can understand you if you would prefer an accountant at your office. If you can afford to appoint a separate payroll services expert, you may count on obtaining competent solutions on arising issues. Is it worth doing, indeed? Would it be better to hire an external payroll expert(s), who would be cheaper and whom you could consult at any time? In fact when you hire an external expert on payroll services (employment and salaries), you benefit from the full range of experience of the company.

With us you can find experienced payroll experts and almost 10-year experience in Accounting and payroll services (employment and salaries).

We can offer a professional and confidential service:

  • Drafting of employment contracts in compliance with the mandatory elements as per the Code of Labour.
  • Filling in of employment and social security history record booklets.
  • Drafting of payroll ledgers, accounts payable and recapitulation accounts.
  • Drafting of documents, statements and official notes in connection with termination of employment contracts.
  • Advice in relation to tax and social security legislation.
  • Tax and social security calculation and determination.
  • Drafting of bank documents in respect of payments to NRA.

If you use our payroll services, you relieve your company of the recruitment related activities for payroll experts, you save resources on training, you won’t have to bother about replacements, nor will you have to pay social security for them.

Another advantage in hiring an external expert for payroll services (employment and salaries) is the high confidentiality level – your personnel and external persons (except for your payroll expert) won’t have any access to remuneration, social security, data, etc.

As is well known cases in the area of the payroll and human resources often require advice from a lawyer. An additional advantage for you, apart from the payroll services, is that we also provide legal advice. Thus you can receive a competent opinion not only from a payroll expert, but from our legal advisor as well. This guarantees you the highest degree of confidentiality in the area of the payroll services.

In view of being as effective as possible, we would recommend you to combine the payroll services with the accounting supervision service in order to optimize the entire accounting process.

Solve your problem in booking of employment and salaries once and for all with our payroll services.

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