Accountant in your office

Accountant in your office

You probably believe that it is most convenient to have an accountant at your office. The accountant will take care of the book-keeping and will always be at your side. Only that you will have to recruit personnel, to deliver training, to look for an adequate replacement, etc. You may completely forget about these issues if you hire one of our accountants who will be stationed in your office.

Yes, you got the point correctly – we offer a highly qualified and motivated accountant, specially recruited by us for your company, appointed with V and M Company, training provided by us in case of legislative changes, we take care of his/ her replacement … and having a work place in your office.

The service can be contracted for a certain number of hours per month which may not be below 84 hours. A further advantage for you is that our accountant from V and M Company will be in a position to draw on the 10-year experience of our company. In case of urgent issues we can provide additional hours/ personnel to complete the task within the agreed deadline. The quality of the accounting service is guaranteed not by the individually hired person, whom in most cases you do not even know, but by our reputable accounting company of a long standing experience.

If you need an accountant at your office, go for the professionalism and reliability of the experts from V and M Company.

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